NEW! CRUX RUFA Media Supplements

Human Platelet Lysate
For expansion and maintenance of primary human cells, incl. MSCs
Xeno-free alternative to FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum)
Crux Rufa media supplements is human platelet lysate manufactured at a German blood bank. Rich in growth factors and cytokines, human platelet lysate supports the expansion of human adherent and non-adherent primary cells and cell lines, including primary mesenchymal stroma cells (hMSCs).

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Meetings 2018

March 01-03IGLD 2018 Gemeinsames Jahressymposium Frankfurt
March 18-2146th EEMGS/30th GUM Meeting in Potsdam
March 22-23ISBT Cellular Therapies Workshop: Human Platelet Lysate Zurich, Switzerland
September 02-05EUROTOX 2018 Brussels