NEW! µAmes Bacterial Mutation Test Kit

The µAmes kit allows the Ames bacterial mutation test described in OECD guideline 471 to be performed in a miniature, 24-well plate format!
It uses the same methodology as the standard test with similar sensitivity and specificity, requiring 95% less test article.
One technician may perform the test in a single day with results 3 days later.
It may be used with any of the standard Salmonella and E. coli strains (the five standard strains are included with the kit). Each strain is supplied in purified, fully characterized, lyophilized form with appropriate details included on a Quality Control and Formulation Statement.
The phenotype-testing components allow you to confirm the characteristics of the cultures generated in your laboratory.
All reagents and components are included in the kit - you just need the test article and an appropriate solvent.

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