LB Agar Plates - Ready to use!

LB Broth & Agar Plates
Lysogeny Broth Bacterial Media in MOLTOX Quality

Our portfolio includes:

LB Agar Plates (Lennox)
LB Agar Plates (Miller)
LB Broth (Miller)

Choose from a large selection of ready prepared LB Broths and Agar Plates with and without antibiotics of additives!

Meetings 2018

March 01-03IGLD 2018 Gemeinsames Jahressymposium Frankfurt
March 18-2146th EEMGS/30th GUM Meeting in Potsdam
March 22-23ISBT Cellular Therapies Workshop: Human Platelet Lysate Zurich, Switzerland
September 02-05EUROTOX 2018 Brussels