MOLTOX® (Molecular Toxicology, Inc) offers applications for genetic toxicology, industrial microbiology and molecular biological laboratories. The company from North Carolina has been providing its product line since 1983.

Moltox® is the leading manufacturer of products for use in the Ames Salmonella mutagenicity test. The culture media, tester strains, S9, cofactors and positive controls are distributed worldwide.
TRINOVA BIOCHEM GmbH is the distributor of Moltox® in Europe.


HemoGenix® was founded in March 2000 by Ivan N. Rich, PhD, an internationally recognized researcher in the field of experimental and applied clinical hematology.

The portfolio covers assay applications for cellular therapy, in-vitro toxicity and basic stem cell research. HALO® is the most advanced assay platform to detect and measure blood-forming stem and progenitor cells.
TRINOVA BIOCHEM GmbH is the distributor of HemoGenix® in Europe.

Irvine Scientific ®

For over 25 years, Irvine Scientific® has been a world leader in providing a comprehensive range of prenatal diagnostic and cytogenetics products.

In prenatal cytogenetics, the portfolio covers media for culturing amniotic fluid cells, chorionic villi sampling, or tissues using either flask or in situ methodology. In postnatal cytogenetics, the offer includes media for the culturing of bone marrow aspirates and peripheral blood cells.

CHANG Medium® is the considered to be the gold standard for cytogenetics application. TRINOVA BIOCHEM GmbH is the distributor for Cytogenetics in Germany.