Vital Assays,
Reagents and Media

Genetic Toxicology

TRINOVA BIOCHEM is the European distributor of MOLTOX® (USA), offering a complete family of products for the conduct of genetic toxicity assays with emphasis on microbial mutagenicity.

Stem Cell Testing / Cell Toxicology

TRINOVA BIOCHEM, as the European distributor of HemoGenix® (USA) offers a broad portfolio of innovative stem cell applications.


For over 25 years, Irvine Scientific® has been a world leader in providing a comprehensive range of prenatal, diagnostic, and cytogenetics products to the healthcare community.

Media and Supplements

CRUX RUFA Media Supplements is a German-made human platelet lysate.


About Us

TRINOVA BIOCHEM GmbH was founded in 1999 by Arthur Ronzheimer. TRINOVA represents and distributes biomedical assays, reagents and media.

News 31.12.2016

Meetings 2016

GUM Tagung, München - October 12 - 14 EUROTOX 2016, Seville - September 04-06 EEMGS 2016, Copenhagen - August 14-18 ...

News 28.11.2016

CRUX RUFA FD Fibrinogen-depleted

CRUX RUFA Human Platelet Lysate is now available in a new quality: Fibrinogen-depleted. Thus, no addition of anticoagulants (e.g. heparin) is...

News 02.11.2016

NEW: ImmunoGlo™-96 TCP

ImmunoGlo™-96 TCP is a non-radioactive assay to measure T-lymphocyte cell proliferation using a fully standardized ATP bioluminescence cell...

News 09.10.2016

Visit us at the GUM-Tagung in Munich! October 12-14

Visit the TRINOVA booth at the GUM - Tagung 2016 in Munich! October 12-14 2016 Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Umwelt-Mutationsforschung...

News 22.09.2016

Follow Mesechymal Cells in RealTime!

MSCGlo Real Time is a non-lytic bioluminescence assay to monitor cell processing of MSCs Watch MSCs grow over 2-3 days by taking bioluminescence...