Vital Assays,
Reagents and Media

Genetic Toxicology

TRINOVA BIOCHEM is the European distributor of MOLTOX® (USA), offering a complete family of products for the conduct of genetic toxicity assays with emphasis on microbial mutagenicity.

Stem Cell Testing /
Cell Toxicology

TRINOVA BIOCHEM, as the European distributor of HemoGenix® (USA) offers a broad portfolio of innovative stem cell applications.

Cytogenetics and Stem Cell Therapy Media

For over 25 years, Irvine Scientific® has been a world leader in providing a comprehensive range of of high performing cGMP and CE-certified media. TRINOVA BIOCHEM is the distributor for the cytogenetics media & stem cell therapy portfolio in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Media and Supplements

CRUX RUFA Media Supplements is a German-made human platelet lysate.


About Us

TRINOVA BIOCHEM GmbH was founded in 1999 by Arthur Ronzheimer. TRINOVA represents and distributes biomedical assays, reagents and media.

News 07.07.2017

Transfer of HemoGenix® to Preferred Cell Systems™

On June 19, 2017 our Partner HemoGenix® transferred all production and sales of its assay kit and reagents to Preferred Cell Systems™....

News 09.06.2017

Annual Meeting BeNeUKEMS 2017

See us at the joint congress of Belgium, Dutch, UK ENVIROMENTAL & MUTAGENESIS Society Date: Sunday, 25th June - Wednesday, 28th June...

News 23.05.2017

NEU! PRIME-XV Hematopoietic Cell Basal XSFM

Mit dem xeno- und serumfreien Basalmedium für humane hämatopoetische Zellkulturen von Irvine Scientific erzielen Sie optimal Ergebnisse - für...

News 28.04.2017

PRIME-XV® Cell Therapy Media of Irvine Scientific® in GERMANY, AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND

NEW: Trinova Biochem GmbH distributes the PRIME-XV® Cell Therapy Media for Irvine Scientific® in GERMANY, AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND

News 27.03.2017

Annual Meeting of the ISCT 2017 in London

We will be happy to welcome you at the ISCT 2017 in London, May 3-6 at booth 612! View assay kits for proliferation potency testing of stem cell...